Paul Tashjian

Senior Hydrologist
Regional Office, Albuquerque
Phone: 505-248-7958
Email: Paul_tashjian at

“If I was an animal the Fish and Wildlife Service was protecting, I would be a large cut-throat trout sipping midges”

Current Projects:
My current work focus includes quantifying and protecting National Wildlife Refuge water rights, conducting studies and workshops to improve wetland management through historic emulation, conducting and monitoring river restoration projects.

Previous Projects:
I have worked as a hydrologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service since 1991. With over 20 years of professional experience in the Region, my expertise includes water management and water protection for wildlife, river restoration, water law, and water monitoring. Highlights include:

  • Pecos River Restoration at Bitter Lake NWR.
  • Quantifying and securing the federally reserved water right for Bitter Lake NWR.
  • Expanding the place of use for Bosque Del Apache NWR’s water rights.

M.S., 1991, Geology, Temple University, Geology
B.A., 1986, Colorado College, Anthropology

Scientific Interests:
Eco-hydrology, river ecosystems, southwestern cienegas
Other interests:
My kids, fly fishing and burritos.


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