Mitch Sternberg

Mitch Sternberg

I&M Zone Biologist, South Texas Gulf Coast
South Texas Refuge Complex,
3325 Green Jay Road,
Alamo, Texas, 78516
phone: 956-784-7592


Aransas NWRLaguna Atascosa NWR, Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR, and Santa Ana NWR

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives:

Gulf Coast Prairie LCC

Current Projects:

  • Assist in maintaining the long-term ocelot population monitoring projects in South Texas
  • Maintain long-term mammal monitoring project using cameras in South Texas
  • Maintain long-term monitoring projects for ocelots in Tamaulipas, Mexico, and Queretaro, Mexico
  • Spearhead collaborations to share data on the status of ocelot monitoring in Texas and Tamaulipas as well as in Arizona and Sonora
  • Completion of updated (2014) Ocelot Recovery Plan
  • Implement translocation of ocelots into Texas populations to increase genetic diversity
  • Monitoring bird community use of replanted and mature brushlands in South Texas
  • Development of Inventory and Monitoring Plans for Aransas NWR and Laguna Atascosa NWR
  • Provide input on surrogate species information and its incorporation into Strategic Habitat Conservation activities on the Texas Gulf Coast


M.S. 2001, University of Texas – Pan American, Biology
B.S. 1996, Texas A&M University, Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences


Sternberg, M.A., and J.L.Mays.  2011.  Ocelots in Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, Texas, USA.  CatNews 55:31-34.

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Peterson, M. N., M. Sternberg, A. Lopez, & J. Liu.  2008.  Ocelot awareness among Latinos on the Texas and Tamaulipas border.  Human Dimensions of Wildlife 13(5): 339-347.

Sternberg M.A. and F.W. Judd. 2006. Comparison of rodent communities in native brushland, replanted brushland, and unaided secondary succession sites in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Texas Journal of Science 58(1): 99-118.

Sternberg M.A. 2005. Zapata Bladderpod: it’s status and association with other plants in south Texas. Texas Journal of Science 57(1):75-86.

Sternberg M.A. 2003. Comparison of native brushland, replanted, and unaided secondary succession plant communities in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Texas Journal of Science 55(2):129-148.

Lopez, R.R., C.K. Feuerbacher, M.A. Sternberg, N J. Silvy, and J.D. Burk. 1998. Survival and reproduction of eastern wild turkeys relocated into the Post Oak Savannah of Texas. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. 52:384-396.




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