Kris Metzger

Inventory and Monitoring Coordinator
Regional Office, Albuquerque
Phone: 505-248-6432
Email: kris_metzger at

“The goal of the I&M effort is to increase the scientific capacity of the NWRS which ultimately will contribute to the conservation potential of the Refuge network.”

Current Projects:

  • Evaluating Sea-Level Affecting Marshes Model (SLAMM) data inputs to improve and refine sea-level rise scenarios on Refuges within the Gulf Coast Prairies Landscape Conservation Cooperative.  Concern has been raised over the quality of data inputs used in model development.  This project will address these data input through refinement.
  • Consequences of sea-level rise and anthropogenic stressors on the loss and conversion of wetland habitats for whooping cranes, mottled ducks and redhead ducks on the Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative.For continuing and future protection of USFWS coastal species and the habitat on which they depend, understanding the effects of anthropogenic impacts and sea-level rise on habitat loss and conversion is critical for land protection planning and management activities in the GCPLCC.

Previous Projects:
Before moving to the US FWS I was a research associate at the Centre for Biodiversity Research at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. My research focused on understanding the impact of land cover and use change, the effects of human caused and natural disturbances on the conservation and sustainability of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Serengeti Ecosystem in Tanzania, East Africa.

Ph.D., 2002, Colorado State University, Ecology
M.S., 1997, Colorado State University, Forestry
B.S., 1991, University of Oregon, Biology

Scientific Interests:
I use field studies, remote sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS) analyses and spatial modeling to understand long term ecosystem dynamics, detect the effect of disturbance, and compare biodiversity among land use areas.


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