Thanks Refuges!

Dear Refuge Managers:

This note is to thank you for completing the “Planning and Review of Inventory and Monitoring on Refuges” database (PRIMR).  All Refuges in Region 2 have populated and submitted PRIMR to the RO.  We are the first region in FWS to accomplish this.  Outstanding!

Cinthia Eichhorn, our I&M Data Manager, is now merging all Refuge I&M information into one database.  This database will be made available to the WO and all R2 Refuges by 12/19/11.  Cinthia is also generating an executive summary and maps to help communicate the I&M being conducted (or sought) on Refuges.  Such data will be broken up by state, LCC, and Zone.  These deliverables are meant for a broad audience, and will be available in a few weeks.

Zone Biologists and LMRDs will also be examining PRIMR to assist with evaluating which I&M efforts begin formal protocol development and/or peer review.  This exercise occurs in collaboration with you and your staff.  Indeed, your staff will soon have PRIMR data to examine the information too, which reinforces this process.

As mentioned earlier, our approach is adaptive.  Not everything we do on Refuges will receive protocols or peer review.  Moreover, the topics selected may reflect those we can address and serve to initiate the process, instead of addressing more complicated issues that could stretch us thin. In short, it may be preferable to start simple and then build in greater complexity. 

The most important outcome, is to ensure that the I&M we do is relevant and informative to your management.  To help guarantee this, I&M projects that are recommended for protocol and/or peer review receive your signature of concurrence.  Without your approval, nothing moves forward.

For any questions or concerns please feel free to contact your local LMRD, Zone Biologist, Kris Metzger (I&M Coordinator) or Grant Harris (Biological Sciences).

Thanks again!


Aaron M. Archibeque
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Regional Chief – NWRS
Region 2, Albuquerque NM
(505) 248-6937


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